The Story of Camille's Closet

Camille's Closet is an online boutique that offers clothing that is adorable, affordable, and great quality. 

I could not have been more elated the day I found out we would be welcoming a sweet  baby girl to our home. You see I love the color pink, tulle, and bows, (basically if it sparkles this girl has to have it) I enjoyed every minute of shopping for my sweet baby girl but my husband did not enjoy the dent it was putting in our bank account. I was determined to have unique clothing that was adorable and I wouldn't see on every baby girl. My desire to be unique resulted in amazing products but the prices were amazingly expensive as well. Ava Camille was born and I continued to spend large sums of money on unique clothing. I knew there were other moms and caregivers out in the world like me who wanted unique fashion that was affordable.In 2020 I decided I was going to offer adorable, affordable, and great quality little girls clothing. That is how Camille's Closet was formed. We are a small family owned business and we take pride in offering quality products that do not lack in style. We hold true to our boutique roots as we have numerous options but limited quantities. Our business plan allows for our customers to truly enjoy unique products that you will not see many others wearing. Camille's Closet allows you to play dress up and get creative. Mix and match bows, tops, pants, shoes etc to create your unique personal style. Welcome to the CC family where your unique personality, style, and beauty will shine through #sparklewithCC

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